Website Makeover

Hello, everyone!

The Deer Deborah website and the channel have taken a bit of a vacation from the blogosphere. It was a well-needed break. Thank you for visiting today.

The website and channel have had a mini makeover. It was something that I wanted to update for a while and finally had the time to make the revision. Is anyone watching the World Cup this summer? I am kind of because somehow I got myself into playing a little game of “if your team gets eliminated first, you will have to pay for everyone else’s lunch” type of game. 😛 If anyone’s curious, I am rooting for Spain. For no specific reason other than it was the first country that popped into my head when I was asked: “What team are you going to root for?” So, Spain, if you’re listening, please win, my lunch-treating fund depends on it! 😀

I wish you a happy Sunday and a nice weekday!

Come on, Spain! You got this! 🙂


Deborah. ❤

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