Tea Time: Brazilian Acai Berry & Sweet Pineapple White Tea

Hello, friend! It’s tea time! Are you a tea drinker? I am. I like all loose leaf teas and tea bags. I also think I’m a tea-buying addict as well. The pretty packaging and the creative (sometimes quirky) descriptions printed on the tea boxes or tins can really tug at me in a grocery store aisle. I’m a sucker for that type of stuff.

I recently came across this article that talks about a study performed by psychologists from the Peking University in China that shows drinking tea can make you more creative. From that perspective, it’s a win-win. That’s one more thing that helps justify my tea-drinking and buying obsession. Go, me! 😉







The tea featured here is a white tea that has Brazilian acai berry tea with sweet pineapple from the store, Teavana. Unfortunately, Teavana is set to close all store locations. The loose leaf tea called Youthberry that I bought from one of their store locations is still alive and well in my cupboard. 😀

How do you like your tea? Do you add sugar, honey or keep it as is? For me, it depends on the type of tea. With the fruity teas, I prefer adding a little sweetness, but with green teas, I prefer to drink it plain.

I hope you are having a happy Sunday. For an added bonus, have a cup of tea, I hear it makes a person more creative. 😉

Have a good week!


Deborah. ❤

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