Top 5 Daily Beauty Favorites

Hi, friend! I hope you are having a good first week of the year. Here are my top 5 daily beauty favorites that I love and want to share with you. They are not listed in any specific order.

Here’s my first favorite …


Rodin Lipsticks and Lip Pencils

Linda Rodin is a true fashion icon. I love her lipsticks and lip pencils. The lipsticks are encased in a clear plastic to reveal the vibrant lip color. I alternate between “Billie on the Bike” (berry) and “Winks” (hot pink) lipstick and lip pencil colors. The best thing is that there’s a story behind every name and color. The name Billie on the Bike was inspired by her mother and Winks is her dog’s name.

What I love about Linda is that she embraced the signs of aging since she was in her thirties … insert her strikingly beautiful gray hair! Nowadays, most women are pressured by society to always look youthful. There’s just something beautiful about aging. Linda is a prime example of aging gracefully. What an icon!

For my daily routine, a pop of lip color can definitely add a little zing to an outfit and can really set the tone for the day. I have been wearing lipsticks daily for the past year and Rodin lipsticks have been my current go-to lipsticks and lip pencils.


Maison Margiela Replica Perfume in “By the Fireplace”

I absolutely LOVE Maison Margiela’s Replica perfume scent called “By the Fireplace.” It is a warm scent that kind of smells like burnt figs. I know the word burnt may not sound appealing as a scent, but I love it. The best thing about this perfume is that it lasts all day. I highly recommend this perfume if you tend to go for the more masculine and woodsy scents.


Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm

Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm is not just my daily favorites, it’s actually an all-time favorite. I have been using this as a lip balm for over ten years. I have tried other lip moisturizers and lip balms but always go back to using this brand and flavor. It’s a lifesaver during the winter time and year-round.

I have been using this as a lipstick base or primer before I apply my lip liner and lipstick. In the past, I have used it alone to add a glossy texture to my lips. You can also use this to apply on dry hands, elbows, and even to shape eyebrows.


Urban Decay Naked Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

This is by far my favorite liquid makeup. I add a dab of this to the back of my hand, then blend well on my face with my fingers to areas where I need coverage. This is buildable has great full coverage.

Urban Decay has a great selection of skin tone options for this line. I highly recommend that you try to test the perfect color match at a store near you. I try to not to buy foundations online without trying it at a store first. We have all been there and done that. 😛


Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blushes

I have nothing against powder blushes, but these Glossier Cloud Paints cream blushes are wonderful! They are a very pigmented cream blush so a little goes a long way. I alternate between the colors “puff” and “haze” depending on my lipstick color and outfit. I like to use my fingers to blend the blush onto my cheeks. I have a fair olive complexion and they both complement my skin color well.

That’s about it! Nothing too crazy. 😉 What are your daily beauty favorites? Is there something you can’t live without? I’m curious … fill me in! 🙂

Deborah. ❤


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