Hello! My name is Deborah. Nice to meet you. Believe it or not, as simple as this post looks, it took me months of contemplation to get to this point of taking the first steps in creating a space in the infamous “world wide web.” I know, no one says that anymore. It’s okay, this is my little corner of the web. Consider it my icebreaker. 🙂

First posts can be so intimidating. I figured that I would post about something that always gave me comfort whenever I needed a little jump in my step at the start of a hectic day.

Oh, coffee. Where do I begin?

Coffee and I have an agreement that if I drink it at a maximum of two times any time before 3 p.m. daily, then we can be great friends. I drink coffee daily, but I am by no means a coffee connoisseur. I just know what I like in a cup of coffee–robust, beige and sweet. Unless, it is an iced coffee, then no sugar necessary.

My favorite way of brewing my coffee is with a french press. To most people, it seems like a lot of effort for making a cup of coffee. It really isn’t. If you use it often enough, it will become second nature. Plus, this method of brewing makes me appreciate the cup of coffee even more and there’s no paper filter that comes in contact with the coffee. It’s just coffee, hot water, and a mesh plunger. The end result is pure bliss. Yummy.

Thank you for reading my little rant about coffee. I hope to see you soon!

❤ Deborah.

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